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Eco Bags

Envelope factory «Kuvert-Ukraine» represents in Ukraine the paper bags of Polish factory. Eco Bags paper bags with handles, made of paper rope. Bags are made of a special high-quality eco-paper (brown or white). Bags can withstand weight up to 15 kg and not spoil from moisture. For all bags printing can be applied.
If necessary, we can make individual size of bags.
More information http://www.eco-bag.com.ua


Envelope factory «Kuvert-Ukraine», in addition to envelopes has several interesting ideas for products intended to be sent by mail.
This is creative mechanical postcards.


Mechanism Vario-Mail works on the blinds principle: the image changes twice. Minimum order of 5000 pieces.

Ukraine Patent 39876


The leaflet Invisio-Mail initially shows only part of your advertising message what intrigues the recipient. Note the placement of text on the models.

Ukraine Patent 30392

Postcards with 3D elements

The postcard with 3D elements presents your offer more realistic.

Today the company developed and put into production a number of models of such cards, but we are not resting on the laurels and are constantly working on new developments. More information and samples you may find in — all factory branches.

Stericlin ® —- bags for sterilizing medical instruments and materials for clinics, hospitals, beauty salons and industries.
Medical packaging Stericlin ® offers in your production chain efficient and reliable solution. The sign Stericlin ® is the standard for all and is equally applied to hospitals, medical offices and industrial companies.
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Bags for X-rays films

Products for Magnetic and computer tomography cabinets. Bags reliably keep images from dust and damage.
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