Only till the end of October! Printing on envelopes from 5 000 pcs with 50% discount!

Details in our branches:

- Ivano-Frankivsk – 050 377 08 01

- Kyiv – 067 009 08 01

- Dnipro - 050 373 75 73

- Kharkiv – 050 433 25 66


New colours!     

Colour envelopes in DL size are updated .

Details and samples - upon request in our branches:

- Ivano-Frankivsk – 050 377 08 01

- Kyiv – 067 009 08 01

- Dnipro - 050 373 75 73

- Kharkiv – 050 433 25 66



From 1.03.18 we expect to replenish the assortment of mixes of paper bags of 240 * 100 * 320 mm size. There are 250 bags per box, packed in 25 pieces in a film. Each package contains 5 different kinds of bags. Each bag has a bar code at the bottom.

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3rd of December 2019 envelope factory “Kuvert-Ukraine” will celebrate 20 years of successful activity in Ukrainian market.

Dear visitor!

Envelope factory «Kuvert-Ukraine» currently is the most stable national manufacturer of envelopes. During one shift we produce about 800 thousand envelopes.
Much attention being paid to our product quality. Our company is certified by international quality system ISO 9001:2009.
«Kuvert-Ukraine»– is a Ukrainian element of the biggest European envelope manufacturer concern
«Mayer Kuvert Network» . This fact gives our company a number of significant advantages:
— production capacity of more than 40 factories in Europe – 70 million envelopes every day;
— centralized stable supply of raw materials of the highest quality;
— experience, accumulated for decades, which we are always willing to share with our partners.
For cooperation with us we reward you with sustainable partnership, coordinated staff work and innovations in the area of the promotional envelope.

Envelope - it's not just a package for your letter, but:

- successful presentation of your company;
- integrated part of promotional mailing on which it most depends whether your letter is going to be read or not;
- just-in-time delivery of your correspondence.
We are the team that doesn't stop on the achieved.
We are continiously working at improving and expanding our business offers. Cooperate with professionals, because for us

Impossible is Possible !!!

Production of envelopes


Our company's mission is to understand customers' needs and to provide them with solutions better than others do. We acieve the goals of the company due to perfect quality of our products, just-in-time delivery, innovations in advertising envelope and coordinated staff work.
The management of "Kuvert-Ukraine" declares that the determining factor in quality policy is production and services, which satisfy the requirements and expectations of our customers and provide a profit as a criterion of success and prosperity of the company.
The main objectives:
- Constant improvement of the quality management system according to the requirements of DSTU ISO 9001:2001.
- Bringing to the entire staff essence of quality policy and involvement to its objectives.
- Ensure compliance of every produced envelope from wide range of products, made by company, to customer requirements and valid normative documents.
- Increasing efficiency through rational use of raw materials, energy and optimal load of technological equipment with maximum use of all its technical capabilities.
- Continuously improve production menthods and technology, company's infrastructure, ensure safe working conditions and meeting workers' social needs.
- Guarantee high quality of products that are made by LLC "Kuvert-Ukraine" through continuous analysis and selection of suppliers and quality of the raw material they offer.
- Keeping and reducing delivery time of manufactured products from the manufacturer to the customer and from suppliers to manufacturer.
- To provide moral and material interests for all employees of  LLC "Kuvert-Ukraine" to improve the products manufactured at the factory, as well as to improve the services provided by the company.

1. Implementation og global envelope manufacturing experience, through close cooperation with companies of the "Mayer-Kuvert Network" concern.
2. Engaging highly qualified specialists from other companies (including foreign) to improve the factory.
3. Implementation of modern methods of training and raising the level of staff qualifications as a basic element of the general quality management system.
4. Making decisions based on logical analysis of data and factual information.
5. Expansion of sales in Ukraine and abroad.
6. Ensuring mutually beneficial relationship with customers and suppliers.
7. Conducting a systematic analysis of the quality management system.

The senior management of the company takes responsibility for the implementation of quality policy, early identification of requirements and expectations of customers and their satisfaction with the provision of necessary resources, continuous improvement of the QMS.

The implementation of quality policy is a priority for all employees of LLC "Kuvert-Ukraine"

Director of LLC "Kuvert-Ukraine"                            
Didiichuk Vitalii